giovedì 19 settembre 2013

OUT NOW - Cristian Naldi "Spettro" [LEMM 032]

Hello everyone!
We are really proud to announce the release of the first solo album by Cristian Naldi,
impromagikdrone guitarist of FulKanelli.

Cristian Naldi

SPETTRO is Composto, cold, clean, artefact, written. The overdub of eleven guitars synthesized and converted into frequences becomes a mass: an harmonic mass, a rhythmical mass, a sound mass. Frequences emerge from the SPETTRO with  consonant and dissonant roles, between unison and polyrhythm.

SPETTRO is also Decomposto, hot, dirty, spontaneous, virginal. The recording of a guitar through eleven distortion pedals becomes a mass: organic mass, wheezing mass, muscle mass. Harmonics worm in the SPETTRO and superimpose, and saturation, heightened, occupies it.

Two extremes, two opposites.
There is no peace, there is neither winner nor defeated, the SPETTRO will cruise again.

Cristian Naldi: guitars, amplifiers, distorsions.

Recorded by Paolo Mongardi, Imola.
Mixed by Cristian Naldi, Imola.
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, Milan.

Date of release: 09/19/2013

 Composto 13:07
Decomposto 11:25

The album comes out in an edition of 100 copies,
tri-fold folder with coastline and printed cdr.
coproduced with Setola di Maiale

full streaming:


you can order your copy for 15€ worldwide shipping included
(12€ shipping included to italy)
writing or with paypal directly to: 

martedì 9 luglio 2013

OUT NOW - Francesco Giannico & Zac Nelson "Les Nomades Paysages" [LEMM 031]

Dear friends!
We are really glad to announce another awesome release!

Francesco Giannico & Zac Nelson 
"Les Nomades Paysages"

A multifaceted work. Kaleidoscopic music vision by Zac Nelson (drums and objects) meets the etereal and cinematic ambient music by Francesco Giannico. Continuous streams of sounds but at the same spaces for meditation or crazy free drums parts but they run on a carpet made of calm and paceful pads and field recordings. 

Les Nomades Paysages comes out in an limited edition of 100 copies on cartonsleeve cdr.

You can order your copy for 10€ (worldwide shipping included)
writing or with paypal directly to: 


lunedì 17 giugno 2013

OUT NOW - Bogong In Action "Mahalo" [LEMM 030]

Dear Friends!
we are very glad to announce that the new BOGONG IN ACTION record is available now.

LEMM 030
Limited Edition - Digipack Cd - 200 copies 

Bogong In Action are two screamy guitars and a bare drumkit for an explosive three-piece. Loads of roars and shouting straight to your face, with no mercy. Irony and rage walking hand in hand, as per the cruel land and poor culture they're surrounded by.

MAHALO: forth release of the outfit, fully recorded with a single omni condenser mic, intensely expresses their sound and its evolution/devolution, within only 16 mesmerizing minutes. Out now, following 5 years of activity and dozens of gigs throughout Italy.and UK. Their spirit hasn't ever changed since, it just keeps being brash and perverted.

Recorded in November 2012 by Bogong In Action
Mastered by Mauro Martinuz
Photographs by Fabio Savino
Cover design by LEG

Released by Lemming Records, HysM? & Human Feather 

Silver Teeth
Insects and Shit
Golconda Diamonds
Being Fat Sucks
Inside My Chicken
Political Mirror
Bodies In Conflict
here the full album stream:

giovedì 11 aprile 2013


Hello Everyone! 
We are really proud to announce a new Lemming release. 
The second album of the psych-rock duo The Great Saunites "The Ivy". 

"The Great Saunites are an Italian duo comprised of Leonard Kandur Layola (drums, effects, guitar, keyboards) and Atros (bass, keyboards,guitar,vocals). Formed in 2008, they have issued three full length albums (TGS, Delay Jesus ’68 and The Ivy) and appeared with noise act Canide and side project Lucifer Big Band on two split releases. Describing their sound they harness hypnotic drumming along with heavy bass vibrations and spaced out samples. All elements contribute to create a dark mix of kraut and heavy rock. A potent collision of textures and themes in the name of Sabbath."

Here the streaming of the album:

a1. Cassandra
a2. Medjugorje
a3. Bottles & Ornaments
a4. Ocean Reaves
b1. The Ivy

The album comes out in an edition of 300 copies Lp 12" + download code. 

Coproduced with Bloody Sound Fucktory, HysM?, Il Verso del Cinghiale Records, Neon Paralleli, Terracava, Villa Inferno Records. 

18€(shipping icluded to Italy)
22€(shipping included worldwide) 

sabato 2 febbraio 2013

[LEMM 027 - LEMM 028] OUT NOW!

Dear Friends!
We are really proud to announce two new releases!

LEMM 027

IONIO is a duo guitar / drums born of the encounter of two musicians from different backgrounds but united from being grown both in the atmosphere of the Ionio Sea: the result is a tidal wave imbued with deep sounds.

After an year and a little more from their formation they released their first job,
Talassocrazia out for Lemming Records, HysM? and MusicaPerOrganiCaldi.
will be touring in late April 2013 and the end of May 2013.

you can order your copy here: (5€ + shipping)

album streaming here:

LEMM 028
"In spite of black clouds over me, I've still got a rainbow in my hands"
Yellow Tape c32
Limited edition of 60 copies

Solquest is back with a drone / ambient tape full of hope. HysM?, Lepers Produtcions and Lemming rec. collaborate to spread the sound of this intimate musician. Don't miss the chance of being happy one more time in your life.

you can order your copy here: (5€ + shipping)

album streaming here:



you can order both releases at special price, 10€ shipping included, here: