venerdì 7 novembre 2014

Out now: HYSM?DUO "All Impossible Worlds" LP

Hello everyone!
A new release is coming..

"All Impossible Worlds"
LP - LEMM 036

"Is it possible to combine the inexorable pace of nature with the human creative approach?" You will not find the answer in this album, nor in any of the possible worlds. By the way topics faced by the two guys from Taranto in this LP are these: the private research, the knowledge, the changes during life, the language. All of them supported by a solid and sofisticated avant-rock, development of the previous "Science in Action", with an opening to new and uncharted sonorities. More than duo with precious musicians from the Italian underground (Paolo Cantù, Andrea Caprara, Francesco Li Puma). Less improvisation, more progressive. In this album there is a lot, and almost nothing to understand. On the other hand, "to know the world is to believe in lies".

Release date: 7th November 2014

LP 12" 
Edition of 300 copies
Photo cover by VACVO

Stefano Spataro & Jacopo Fiore

Recorded in Perugia, 2013-2014
Mastering by Ferdinando Farro

A1 Leviathan Vs Predator 
A2 First And Second Hypothesis 
A3 Green Flesh
B1 I Want To Hug Everything 
B2 Desires And Choice 
B3 Death And Dreams

full album stream:

LP costs 12 euro + postage
(18 euro shipping included to Italy)
(20 euro shipping included to World) 

directly from Big Cartel:

See you in 2015!


lunedì 22 settembre 2014

Out Now: UMANZUKI "Tropical Nature Of Tiaso"

Hello Everyone,
We are really excited to announce our last release,

Tropical Nature Of TIaso
LEMM 035
Immagine in linea 2
C36 - Black Cassette
Edition of 100 copies

Release date: 22th September 2014



Recorded live by Ginox at Next Emerson, Florence
Coproduced with Hysm?, Spettro Rec, Next Emerson.

listen here:

Started up as a jazzcore trio, passed through the mix of psychedelic and electric free jazz of their second EP, Sonic Birds, nowdays the group Umanzuki flash everyone and with their new album, "Tropical nature of tiaso",  They definitly dissolve their last rock sound in a long sparkling improvisation  made of delicate electronic variation, languid and liquid sounds,  reduced synthetic rhythms and far memories, for a record that sounds like a tropical island where suddenly sank a very deep dark.
Already at work on a new LP, coming out next year, Umanzuki listen and absorb in a omnivorous way and they are the young, adventorous and credible band that we expected.

Cassette costs 6 euro + postage

directly from BigCartel:

UMANZUKI on Fb here
Tropical Nature Of Tiaso on Discogs here

venerdì 28 febbraio 2014

Lucifer Big Band "Atto II" [LEMM 034]

Hello Everybody!
We are really glad to announce another amazing release.
Hope you enjoy!

"Atto II"
[LEMM 034]

Lucifer Big Band is the solo project of Angelo Bignamini
(The Great Saunites drums). 
In "Atto 2" you will find electronic manipulations, the visionary trances of the Grateful Dead, feral noise, ecstatic ambient, some Eraclito's philosophy and the J.B. Ballard's demons living all together.
Two tracks settle the path. In the first time they build; then they destroy, dance and wrench themselves; they scream and shut up, in the end, on the wave of plagued bells.

Track listing:
01. Parte prima
02. Parte seconda

Listen to "Parte prima" here:

Release date: 28.02.2014

Limited edition to 100 copies.
Cartonsleeve with silkscreened cdr.
Screenprinted by Negativ Land.

Co produced with:
Bloody Sound Fucktory, HysM? and Neon Paralleli.

to order:
10€ worldwide shipping included
(8€ shipping included to Italy)
writing or with paypal directly here:

or directly from BigCartel:

lunedì 20 gennaio 2014


Hello Friends!
We are really glad to announce that we start the 2014
with this awesome release,

split one sided LP
[LEMM 033]

Gianni Giublena Rosacroce keeps on sending us "sound postcards" from
his travels through deserts and colorful oasis. After the last tape
released, "La Mia Africa", GGR  comes back with new tales of far
unexplored territories: ipnotic percussions, dreamy horns,powerful
imaginative sounds wich leads our mind back to a 70s' Mondo Movies'
soundtrack shooted somewhere in the north of Africa. In this new
travel GGR is not alone anymore, the bewitching Maria Violenza goes
along with him.
Born and grew up in Sicily, she let spread out all the influences of
the different cultures that her island has seen living (and
struggling) side by side for centuries. What we find here are arabian
rythms, sonorities wich recall spanish and morocco'sensations  wich
collide with a forceful synth wave evil touch, a cold blow!
This split is a travel in oniric territories with two sage guides
beside. Just play it and lay yourself in their hands ... to somewhere

Track Listing:
01. Angkor Wat
02 Agua Ardiente
03. Coronaria
04. Rame Triangolo Rosso
05. XI Comandamento

1, 2, 4, by Gianni Giublena Rosacroce
recorded at home with Galilea Mallol

3, 5 by Maria Violenza
recorded & mixed by Luciano Lamanna at Subsound Studio

Mastered by Massimiliano Moccia
Artwork by Daniele La Placa
Screenprinted by Sericraft 

release date: 21.01.2014

Limited Edition to 300 copies.

One Sided LP with silkscreened gold/white on black paper cover
and silkscreened gold on black vinyl side B

Co-produced with: 
No=Fi Recordings, Escaper From Today and Brigadisco Records

To order: 
you can order your copy for 20€ worldwide shipping included
(18€ shipping included to italy)
writing or with paypal directly to:

or directly from BigCartel: 

ask for wholesale prices and digital promos!


Hope you enjoy,

giovedì 19 settembre 2013

OUT NOW - Cristian Naldi "Spettro" [LEMM 032]

Hello everyone!
We are really proud to announce the release of the first solo album by Cristian Naldi,
impromagikdrone guitarist of FulKanelli.

Cristian Naldi

SPETTRO is Composto, cold, clean, artefact, written. The overdub of eleven guitars synthesized and converted into frequences becomes a mass: an harmonic mass, a rhythmical mass, a sound mass. Frequences emerge from the SPETTRO with  consonant and dissonant roles, between unison and polyrhythm.

SPETTRO is also Decomposto, hot, dirty, spontaneous, virginal. The recording of a guitar through eleven distortion pedals becomes a mass: organic mass, wheezing mass, muscle mass. Harmonics worm in the SPETTRO and superimpose, and saturation, heightened, occupies it.

Two extremes, two opposites.
There is no peace, there is neither winner nor defeated, the SPETTRO will cruise again.

Cristian Naldi: guitars, amplifiers, distorsions.

Recorded by Paolo Mongardi, Imola.
Mixed by Cristian Naldi, Imola.
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, Milan.

Date of release: 09/19/2013

 Composto 13:07
Decomposto 11:25

The album comes out in an edition of 100 copies,
tri-fold folder with coastline and printed cdr.
coproduced with Setola di Maiale

full streaming:


you can order your copy for 15€ worldwide shipping included
(12€ shipping included to italy)
writing or with paypal directly to: 

martedì 9 luglio 2013

OUT NOW - Francesco Giannico & Zac Nelson "Les Nomades Paysages" [LEMM 031]

Dear friends!
We are really glad to announce another awesome release!

Francesco Giannico & Zac Nelson 
"Les Nomades Paysages"

A multifaceted work. Kaleidoscopic music vision by Zac Nelson (drums and objects) meets the etereal and cinematic ambient music by Francesco Giannico. Continuous streams of sounds but at the same spaces for meditation or crazy free drums parts but they run on a carpet made of calm and paceful pads and field recordings. 

Les Nomades Paysages comes out in an limited edition of 100 copies on cartonsleeve cdr.

You can order your copy for 10€ (worldwide shipping included)
writing or with paypal directly to: 


lunedì 17 giugno 2013

OUT NOW - Bogong In Action "Mahalo" [LEMM 030]

Dear Friends!
we are very glad to announce that the new BOGONG IN ACTION record is available now.

LEMM 030
Limited Edition - Digipack Cd - 200 copies 

Bogong In Action are two screamy guitars and a bare drumkit for an explosive three-piece. Loads of roars and shouting straight to your face, with no mercy. Irony and rage walking hand in hand, as per the cruel land and poor culture they're surrounded by.

MAHALO: forth release of the outfit, fully recorded with a single omni condenser mic, intensely expresses their sound and its evolution/devolution, within only 16 mesmerizing minutes. Out now, following 5 years of activity and dozens of gigs throughout Italy.and UK. Their spirit hasn't ever changed since, it just keeps being brash and perverted.

Recorded in November 2012 by Bogong In Action
Mastered by Mauro Martinuz
Photographs by Fabio Savino
Cover design by LEG

Released by Lemming Records, HysM? & Human Feather 

Silver Teeth
Insects and Shit
Golconda Diamonds
Being Fat Sucks
Inside My Chicken
Political Mirror
Bodies In Conflict
here the full album stream: