lunedì 17 giugno 2013

OUT NOW - Bogong In Action "Mahalo" [LEMM 030]

Dear Friends!
we are very glad to announce that the new BOGONG IN ACTION record is available now.

LEMM 030
Limited Edition - Digipack Cd - 200 copies 

Bogong In Action are two screamy guitars and a bare drumkit for an explosive three-piece. Loads of roars and shouting straight to your face, with no mercy. Irony and rage walking hand in hand, as per the cruel land and poor culture they're surrounded by.

MAHALO: forth release of the outfit, fully recorded with a single omni condenser mic, intensely expresses their sound and its evolution/devolution, within only 16 mesmerizing minutes. Out now, following 5 years of activity and dozens of gigs throughout Italy.and UK. Their spirit hasn't ever changed since, it just keeps being brash and perverted.

Recorded in November 2012 by Bogong In Action
Mastered by Mauro Martinuz
Photographs by Fabio Savino
Cover design by LEG

Released by Lemming Records, HysM? & Human Feather 

Silver Teeth
Insects and Shit
Golconda Diamonds
Being Fat Sucks
Inside My Chicken
Political Mirror
Bodies In Conflict
here the full album stream:

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