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OUT NOW - Cristian Naldi "Spettro" [LEMM 032]

Hello everyone!
We are really proud to announce the release of the first solo album by Cristian Naldi,
impromagikdrone guitarist of FulKanelli.

Cristian Naldi

SPETTRO is Composto, cold, clean, artefact, written. The overdub of eleven guitars synthesized and converted into frequences becomes a mass: an harmonic mass, a rhythmical mass, a sound mass. Frequences emerge from the SPETTRO with  consonant and dissonant roles, between unison and polyrhythm.

SPETTRO is also Decomposto, hot, dirty, spontaneous, virginal. The recording of a guitar through eleven distortion pedals becomes a mass: organic mass, wheezing mass, muscle mass. Harmonics worm in the SPETTRO and superimpose, and saturation, heightened, occupies it.

Two extremes, two opposites.
There is no peace, there is neither winner nor defeated, the SPETTRO will cruise again.

Cristian Naldi: guitars, amplifiers, distorsions.

Recorded by Paolo Mongardi, Imola.
Mixed by Cristian Naldi, Imola.
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, Milan.

Date of release: 09/19/2013

 Composto 13:07
Decomposto 11:25

The album comes out in an edition of 100 copies,
tri-fold folder with coastline and printed cdr.
coproduced with Setola di Maiale

full streaming:


you can order your copy for 15€ worldwide shipping included
(12€ shipping included to italy)
writing or with paypal directly to: 

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