giovedì 11 aprile 2013


Hello Everyone! 
We are really proud to announce a new Lemming release. 
The second album of the psych-rock duo The Great Saunites "The Ivy". 

"The Great Saunites are an Italian duo comprised of Leonard Kandur Layola (drums, effects, guitar, keyboards) and Atros (bass, keyboards,guitar,vocals). Formed in 2008, they have issued three full length albums (TGS, Delay Jesus ’68 and The Ivy) and appeared with noise act Canide and side project Lucifer Big Band on two split releases. Describing their sound they harness hypnotic drumming along with heavy bass vibrations and spaced out samples. All elements contribute to create a dark mix of kraut and heavy rock. A potent collision of textures and themes in the name of Sabbath."

Here the streaming of the album:

a1. Cassandra
a2. Medjugorje
a3. Bottles & Ornaments
a4. Ocean Reaves
b1. The Ivy

The album comes out in an edition of 300 copies Lp 12" + download code. 

Coproduced with Bloody Sound Fucktory, HysM?, Il Verso del Cinghiale Records, Neon Paralleli, Terracava, Villa Inferno Records. 

18€(shipping icluded to Italy)
22€(shipping included worldwide) 

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