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Out now: HYSM?DUO "All Impossible Worlds" LP

Hello everyone!
A new release is coming..

"All Impossible Worlds"
LP - LEMM 036

"Is it possible to combine the inexorable pace of nature with the human creative approach?" You will not find the answer in this album, nor in any of the possible worlds. By the way topics faced by the two guys from Taranto in this LP are these: the private research, the knowledge, the changes during life, the language. All of them supported by a solid and sofisticated avant-rock, development of the previous "Science in Action", with an opening to new and uncharted sonorities. More than duo with precious musicians from the Italian underground (Paolo Cantù, Andrea Caprara, Francesco Li Puma). Less improvisation, more progressive. In this album there is a lot, and almost nothing to understand. On the other hand, "to know the world is to believe in lies".

Release date: 7th November 2014

LP 12" 
Edition of 300 copies
Photo cover by VACVO

Stefano Spataro & Jacopo Fiore

Recorded in Perugia, 2013-2014
Mastering by Ferdinando Farro

A1 Leviathan Vs Predator 
A2 First And Second Hypothesis 
A3 Green Flesh
B1 I Want To Hug Everything 
B2 Desires And Choice 
B3 Death And Dreams

full album stream:

LP costs 12 euro + postage
(18 euro shipping included to Italy)
(20 euro shipping included to World) 

directly from Big Cartel:

See you in 2015!


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