lunedì 22 settembre 2014

Out Now: UMANZUKI "Tropical Nature Of Tiaso"

Hello Everyone,
We are really excited to announce our last release,

Tropical Nature Of TIaso
LEMM 035
Immagine in linea 2
C36 - Black Cassette
Edition of 100 copies

Release date: 22th September 2014



Recorded live by Ginox at Next Emerson, Florence
Coproduced with Hysm?, Spettro Rec, Next Emerson.

listen here:

Started up as a jazzcore trio, passed through the mix of psychedelic and electric free jazz of their second EP, Sonic Birds, nowdays the group Umanzuki flash everyone and with their new album, "Tropical nature of tiaso",  They definitly dissolve their last rock sound in a long sparkling improvisation  made of delicate electronic variation, languid and liquid sounds,  reduced synthetic rhythms and far memories, for a record that sounds like a tropical island where suddenly sank a very deep dark.
Already at work on a new LP, coming out next year, Umanzuki listen and absorb in a omnivorous way and they are the young, adventorous and credible band that we expected.

Cassette costs 6 euro + postage

directly from BigCartel:

UMANZUKI on Fb here
Tropical Nature Of Tiaso on Discogs here

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