lunedì 12 novembre 2012

[LEMM 025] FULkANELLI is Out!

Dear Friends!
FULkANELLI debut album is already out and now available.
LEMM 025
Black Cdr in Metal and Wood Screenprinted.
Limited edition of 100 numbered copies.
you can order your copy here: (10€ + shipping)

FULkANELLI is a mystery of the italian subterranean schemed by the Pickman Paolo
Vulkan Mongardi (Jennifer Gentle, ZEUS!, Ronin, Fuzz Orchestra) and by the Grand
Master of the 6 strings - as well as the 7 point green - Kristian Helio Naldi.
The pursued Solution trasmutes wood and electricity into gold. Thus restoring the Music
Matter corruption. Process techniques dig into atavic improvisation, revealing in a brew,
result of unrhythms, inviolable circles, sulphur harmonies, ethereal rings, celestial
polyrhythms, catalysing powder, fruit of a morbid interplay, super- and under- Natural.
The dawn of this endeavour rise thanks to a 100 piece limited series of in pure steel by the
hand of Lemming Rec, OFFSET Rec, Blinde Proteus Rec.


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